I appreciate most a publisher who will save me from myself. Not only is the entire staff a pleasure to work with, but Glass Lyre Press editors want to make sure you’ve done your best and will work with you until you have achieved that goal. I was given time to do some rewrites and resequencing of poems in my book submitted to GLP, and I think that effort paid off to everyone’s benefit. I mention this because some publishers don’t concern themselves enough about quality of content and design. GLP goes the extra mile, and their books look as good as they read. If you’re a poetry reader, buy it. If you’re a good poet, submit it.

Robert S. King  |  Author of Developing a Photograph of God

Glass Lyre Press has had an impressive beginning. Its team of editors and staff are remarkable to say the least. As an author, I have had a wonderful experience from the start. The team at GLP treats each author with respect and great care. I am very pleased with my book “Floodwater” and the team takes care of all the details from start to finish. I love the way the press involves the author throughout the many stages of production. Ami Kaye has a unique way of making each author feel special and releases their book with care and consideration. The art staff, the editorial staff, all superb. The whole team cares about exceptional work and promotes exceptional poetry. I am beyond privileged to have worked with this amazing press.

Connie Post  |  Author of Floodwater
Poet Laureate Emerita of Livermore, California

The professionalism of the staff at Glass Lyre Press is unsurpassed. In my communication and coordination with them, I found Editor-in-Chief Mark McKay, Publisher Ami Kaye, and Design and Layout Editors Katherine Herschler and Steve Asmussen to be quite personable and efficient. They are patient, generous in their contract conditions, and supportive of my book of poems. The graphics, printing format and editorial skill exhibited in the publication of my book, Idyll for a Vanishing River, was keenly responsive to my needs as a writer and client. There were no lapses of time where I waited to hear back from them; all the issues associated with publishing my book were handled in a very timely manner. Most of all, I felt taken care of, that they loved my book. It didn’t just seem like business to them; they were friends. I am completely satisfied with Glass Lyre Press and their entire staff, and I recommend them unhesitatingly to any poet seeking the highest quality in publishing.

Jeffrey C. Alfier  |  Author of Idyll for a Vanishing River

Mark McKay is a wonderful editor and I am eternally grateful to him both for accepting my work and for having such wise input into the entire publication process. Ami Kaye and Steven Asmussen did a splendid job in guiding these books into print. They were both infinitely patient with my many requests for changes and improvements. I was pleased that they agreed to use my brother’s photos for both of my covers. Steven did a fabulous job of creating the overall look, designing the cover, and was very responsive to my incessant input. Glass Lyre Press now has an impressive first year of publications that we all can enjoy. The fact that Ami is adept at using Facebook to publicize not just Glass Lyre work, but to bring the whole poetry world into daily view, is a wonder in itself.

Helen Wickes  |  Author of Moon Over Zabriskie and Dowser’s Apprentice

It was a joy to work with the GLP team: Mark McKay who generously saw to my manuscript, Steven Asmussen who patiently laid out the irregular forms of my poems, Pd Lietz whose beautiful cover and interior art opens wide the door of Aquamarine, and above all, Ami Kaye who creatively promotes GLP books worldwide!

Yoko Danno  |  Author of Aquamarine

Mark McKay and Ami Kaye took a chance on me when no one else would. It's been both an honor and a privilege to be published by Glass Lyre Press, and to be in such good company. Katherine Herschler, Steve Asmussen, and Pd Lietz made this manuscript into the best physical book it could possibly be.

Raymond Gibson  |  Author of Speak, Shade