Glass Lyre is an independent literary press interested in publishing poetry collections, chapbooks, select short & flash fiction, and the occasional anthology.

In a society faced with frequent assaults to one’s psyche and spirit, Glass Lyre Press offers fine literature to rejuvenate the spirit, fuel inspiration and nourish the soul. These are collections which, rather than being stashed away after reading, one returns to time and again—beautiful, highly crafted books created with love and care by a dedicated publishing team.

Glass Lyre Press is interested in acquiring titles focused on quality and artistic vision from an eclectic range of talents—work which is technically accomplished and distinctive in style, as well as fresh in its approach and treatment. Glass Lyre seeks writers of diverse backgrounds who display mastery over the many areas of contemporary literature, writers with a powerful and dynamic aesthetic, and ability to stir the imagination and engage the emotions and intellect of a wide audience of readers.

The Glass Lyre logo, beautifully rendered by Tracy McQueen, features a glass lyre with its two swans, one of which represents lyrical beauty and grace, the other, meaning and truth. Each symbolizes the passion underlying Glass Lyre’s vision. The duality urges us to be receptive to new ideas, and unites us in our human experience. We welcome our artists to share the songs in their hearts, and our readers, to receive those songs into their own.

The Glass Lyre vision is to connect the world through language and art. We hope to expand the scope of poetry and short fiction for the general reader through exceptionally well-written books which call forth our deepest emotions and thoughts, delight our senses, challenge our minds, and provide clarity, resonance and insight. Even for those too busy to read a novel or a non-fiction book in its entirety, Glass Lyre provides an alternative because everyone can make time to read a poem, a flash piece or a short story.