Glass Lyre Guidelines

Glass Lyre Press invites high quality manuscripts that reflect mature and seasoned writing with masterful imagery, lyricism, and emotional resonance. We are attracted to eloquent and clever writing which also fires the imagination, and most importantly, the rare talent for shining a light on the human condition. Because we believe this kind of work is deserving of recognition, we award two prizes annually to the manuscripts which come closest to this vision.

GLP editors read and select from submitted manuscripts and make decisions based on the quality of writing, language, lyricism and meaning, as well as the impact of the book as a whole.

Glass Lyre Book Prizes

The book will include an award page, and winning authors will receive certificates and a $500 check from Glass Lyre Press.

Reading Fees

At Glass Lyre we have two reading periods:

Our reading period for the Kithara Book Prize will reopen January 1st 2018. Follow our Glass Lyre Press Facebook page for updates.

Due to considerable expenses incurred for reading and production, Glass Lyre Press charges a non-refundable $25 reading fee for full-length collections and $15 for chapbooks. Approximate page limits as follow: Full-length (90 Poetry / 120 Fiction) and Chapbooks (40 Poetry / 50 Fiction).

Submitting Process

Author Checklist

After a manuscript has been accepted for publication

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