This special anthology consists of brief folios from ten poets. We will publish four pieces by each author. Poems may be on any topic of the author’s choosing, and in any style or form. Each selected author’s photo, brief bio, and personal essay or artistic statement will be followed by a sampling of their best work. Poems may be previously published but NOT simultaneously submitted during our reading.


  1. Please submit 6-8 poems in a single attached document for consideration to Personal/contact information only in the email cover letter, not the submission document.
  2. We will publish a folio of 4 poems from each author selected. 
  3. If your work is selected we will reserve one page for:
    1. A B&W high resolution (300DPI or more) author photo
    2. A brief bio (100 words)
    3. A brief personal essay about your work and writing philosophy
  4. Prior publication credits must be listed on a separate page if your work is accepted.
  5. Authors will receive a contributor copy, and may order additional copies at Glass Lyre’s author discounts.
  6. Please follow our Aeolian Harp Anthology Facebook page to get the best and most current information and updates!